Hi Everybody,

I'm looking for a partner.

I'm a web developer, I design websites, develop applicaitons, chatbots, 3d avatars, Whatsapp bots, create videos, voiceovers, provide spokespersons to websites & videos and more. Shortly, I provide digital solutions for businesses.

I'm using the latest updated technologies and invest a lot in self development and learning.

I'm looking for a partner. I'll provide the service and products, including the servers and other platforms. I'll provide support. My partner will find the customers and deal with marketing.

Right now, for example, I sell a QR-code touchless menu & mobile ordering system for Restaurants. More info: https://settlenet.restaurant/ Demo restaurant website: https://demorestonline.com/f/egBrd QR code page: https://demorestonline.com/q/egBrd Demo Menu: https://demorestonline.com/s/egBrd

A demonstration of an avatar, a spokesperson and a notifications system, can be found here:

(Can be demonstrated on customers websites before placing orders). If you scroll down, you can also find here my videos gallery.

A demonstration of a chatbot can be found here: https://settlenet.group/push/notifio/index.php?project_id=61a6c60702865_36827 (Can be demonstrated on customers websites before placing orders).

For a demonstation of Whatsapp bot, please contact me.

For demonstration purposes only, it's better to view demonstration on a desktop.

If you are interested to become my partner, please comment hereunder or contact me. It's going to be interesting and rewarding!

To our success!